The 'Weekend Schedule' makes all courses easy to access.

Professional, qualified and experienced faculties.
Planned sessions with group activities and interactions.
Student friendly planning and execution of training programmes.
Well ventilated classroom with audio visual facilities.
Well equipped library with relevant periodicals and books.
Self development activities.
Personalized guidance and counseling for all trainees.
Regular evaluation and feedback

Smt. A. V. Sachapara IAS And Competitive Exam Training Centre

An excellent centre to obtain complete guidance, counseling and coaching for competitve exams like IAS, IPS, UPSC, GPSC and staff selection. It can be highly advantageous to any student or professional aiming to join civil services.

T.M. Donda Personality Development Centre

Knowledge solely may not be enough to excel in this global world. In this centre, training is provided to build confidence, leadership and communication skills so that one can present and practice all desirable behavioural attributes.

Shree Valjibhai N. Patel Teachers' Training Centre

This centre not only aims at training our own teachers but also provides all the necessary guidance to those who aspire to become teachers. The well designed curriculum updates the teachers and provides them with all necessary skills and knowledge to be the best through which they will acquire all desirable behavioural attributes.

Shree Lavjibhai Dalia IAS Library

This library fulfills the need of extra reading for all the trainees. The library remains functional from 8-00 a.m. to 8-00 p.m. to suit the varied needs of trainees. It is facilitated with comfortable furniture, more than 2000 books, periodicals & computer with Internet facility.

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