It was on June 13th, 2011 that our institute put one more feather in its cap. It was the beginning for classes from 1st to 4th of M.L. Kakadia National School and the journey henceforth will continue.

We believe in....

"Let quality and excellence be signature of you; let each work of you be an example too." Always rise above our excuses.

Our Journey begins....

We welcome boys and girls above the age of 5 without any discrimination of caste or creed. On entering M.L. Kakadia National School there is a vibrant buzz with children absorbed in many activities including role play etc. You will see immediately feel that our children simply love to learn and come to school. Of course we use the outstanding facilities provided by our institute. We strive hard and think critically to build elegant personality with a combination of brain and heart, having good civic sense. Ours is a journey of exploration, discovery and carefully planned activities to enhance the development of a child in every way. We give our children the best possible start to build a strong base to support the future ahead.

We at M.L.K.N.S

Study of various subjects takes place along with Art, Craft. P.T., Yogasana, Karate and Music. Limit our classroom strength up to 30-35 per class. Bring awareness through celebrations of various festivals/ days / events and compulsory morning assembly. Approach students to build up self confidence, show selfless service, lend cooperation and have self respect and respect for all. Have spacious infrastructure with natural surroundings. Give individual attention to all. Give special time to the weak students during their activity/ free period. Have creative teaching staff with full zeal and enthusiasm having a desire to pursue excellence in their work. Provide an environment to develop thinking & questioning ability in children. Empower students to reach their potential as well as become responsible citizens of future.

Regular Activities / Competitions include

Story telling, Elocution, Poem Recitation, Composing poems, Shloka chanting, Drama, Singing, Reading, Writing, Quiz, Drawing, Colouring, Best from waste, Sports etc.... Teacher s development program. Teacher s evaluation. Activity based learning. Counselling session for students if need. emedial teaching for weak students.

                                                                           Admission Procedure

1st interaction :-  Parents can come to the CBSE section to take the admission form and collect information regarding written test for the child.

Written Test     :-  Wednesday, Saturday

Result for         :-  Through phone Yes / No by Thursday, Monday

Documents        :-  (1) Admission Form
                               (2) 2 Passport Photograph
                               (3) Result photo copy
                               (4)  Student’s Bank Account pass book photo copy
                               (5)  Aadhar card photo copy
                               (6)  Original Transfer Certificate
                               (7)  Birth certificate photo copy     

Note             :-        - If moving from one CBSE to another CBSE School.
                                 No countersign required in Transfer Certificate 
                               - If moving from State board to CBSE then countersign is required in transfer
                                 certificate from DEO office.
                               - In coming from another state besides Gujarat then counter sign is required in
                                 the transfer certificate.
                               - Child’s U.I.D number is compulsory in the transfer certificate.

Procedure       :-      Once the result is declared (yes) then parents will have to come to the CBSE school, collect the admission form from the clerk’s office, go to the account office to pay the fees. Coming to the school: -Child can come to the school from the next day of paying the fees. Information regarding uniform  + books + transportation etc will be given from the clerk’s office after paying the school fees.   

Staff Details

# Name Designation Photo
1 Neeta Paragbhai Pandya Asst. Teacher
M.A., B.Ed.
2 Jignesh Hareshkumar Trivedi Clerk / Music Teacher
B.Com. / Upanty Visharad
3 Daxa Vishnu Ajwaliya Asst. Teacher
Diploma I fine arts. & BA, B. Ed.
4 Hiralal Marwadi Swimming
8 Pass
5 Kruti Vikrambhai Dave Asst. Teacher
6 Manjeetkaur Kalyan Asst. Teacher
7 Monika Padaliya Asst. Teacher
M.A., B.Ed.
8 Ruma Mandal Asst. Teacher
B.A., M. A.,B. Ed.
9 Tasnim Abbasbhai Rangwala Yoga Teacher
M.Com, Diploma in Yoga
10 Veena Dhirajlal Trivedi Asst. Teacher
MA/B.Ed /Ph.D
11 Demple Ponda Asst. Teacher
12 Tehsin Malvi Asst. Teacher
13 Ravindra Gohel Clerk
Diploma in Accounts
14 Nilesh Joshi Peon
10 Pass
15 Kalavatiben Dirajlal Ranpura Aayaben
9 pass
100 % RESULT - 10 TH CBSE BOARD 2020
M. L. Kakadia National School (CBSE Board) Primary & Secondary (Eng.)


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M. L. Kakadia National School (CBSE Board) Primary & Secondary (Eng.)

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