Sardar Patel Seva Trust was established in March 1993 by eminent personalies of Patel community, with social welfare as its main objecve. The trust works to improve the overall social scenario and tries to bridge the gap between the sociees.

As first step towards achieving this goal, the trust set up the Sardar Patel Educaonal Instute in December 1996. The aim of the instute was to establish an English Medium School that would cater the needs of the recent rural migrants who aspired their children to receive English Medium educaon, which they lacked. It would also benefit those, who want quality educaon. Thus, first School under the banner of Sardar Patel Educaonal Instute was started in June 1998 with 15 students named as " Smt. A.R. Sutaria Nursery School". With the growth of this school our second school came up in June 1999 named as "Shree G.M.Donda Primary School". Aer that our third school named as "Shree L.G.Kakadia Secondary/ higher School came up in June 2000. "Smt.M.S.sLakhani Kanya Vidyalaya” was started in the year 2003. This school further expended in three division as Primary, secondary & higher secondary Division. As per the moo of our instute to facilitate the society, one more school came up in this campus in the year 2003 which is named as " Smt. D.B.Mangukia Balmandir".

Realizing the necessity of trained teachers in Saurashtra region our new B.Ed College come up in this campus in June 2004 which was named as " Smt. L.L.Kakadia B.Ed College". Intended to acclimaze the ny tots to the school atmosphere one more school come up in this campus named as " Smt. O.Z.Mendpara Play House" in the year 2005. In the same sequence of our growth, In June 2006 one more feather was added to the cap of our instute which is known as " G.L.Kakadia Internaonal School". For the benefit of girl students and to provide them well furnished accommodaon in our campus " Smt. L.L.Kakadia Mahila Chhatralata" started in August 2006. In 2008, a new school Smt. V.G. Sutaria Hanumant Balmandir and Smt. L.G. Sutaria Hanumant Prathmik Shala, were opened in the slum area of Bhavnagar to provide free educaon to the socially & economically backward children of the society, as a part of the instute's corporate social responsibility. In the academic year 2009-2010 two undergraduate college BBA & B.Com and the post graduate M.S.W. college started in the campus. In June 2010, a new co-educaon Gujara Medium School " Shree B.P. Gujara Balmandir", "Shree G.G.Sutaria Prathmik Shala", "Shri. Z.K.Mendpara Madhyamik Shala" were added to the campus. For the overall development of the students three training centers namely Smt. A.V.Sachapara IAS and Compeve Development center and Shree Valjibhai N. Patel Teacher's Training center were also started in June 2010. In 2011 we have started CBSE board center school. M.L.Kakadia Naonal school and Tree house Preschool. In 2012, we started Smt. Kankuben D. Dalia instute of art and Design , Matushree Ratanben Ramjibhai Monpara Mahila Arts College and Smt. Kokilaben D Sutaria Medical .

in this way as per the necessity and requirement of the city and region, day by day this instute is growing under the umbrella of Sardar Patel Seva Trust to fulfill the requirement of Saurashtra Region. In 2014, We have started B.Sc College with specializaon of physics, chemistry, maths, biology. In 2016, a new feather in our cap added that Sardar Patel Educaonal Instute is selected as District Level Sports Sankul by Sports Authority of Gujarat in which special coaching done by coach for the sports like Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Athlecs, Judo. In 2017, under the banner of Smt. A. V. Sachapara IAS & Comp. Exam Training centre we have started Civil Service Training Centre (GPSC/UPSC) with 38 student's coordinaon with Sardardham, Ahmedabad. In short, with an increasing number of instuons in this campus , Sardar Patel Educaonal Instute is rapidly developing into one of the leading instute of the country.

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