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  • Sardar Patel Museum
  • Sardar Patel Museum
  • Sardar Patel Museum
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  • Festival Celebration
  • Festival Celebration
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Art Gallery

There is a well designed art gallery where display of drawings and craft items made by students & teachers is arranged.

Transport Facility

This institute provides transport facility to all the students and its surrounding villages on a no profit-no-loss basis. Minimum fare is being charged from the students to facilitate them. This facility is provided to selected standards. All our buses are monitored by CCTV.

Modernized Class Rooms

All classrooms in our campus are fully ventilated and well furnished and are provided with proper lighting and other necessary facilities. All the buildings are earthquake proof and equipped with fire fighting equipments.

ISO Certification

We are the first educational Institute in the district to have ISO certification from IRQS, Mumbai. This Certification ensures uniformity, regularity and quality in all educational processes.

Computer Training

We have one of the most modern computer labs in the city. Computer training is provided to each and every student by our expert computer faculty. The computer training starts from ft standard.

Observation of class by CCTV

In each and every classroom CC TV cameras are installed to monitor the students and the teacher. All the class rooms of our campus are being monitored by the respective Principal and our Director.

Trained Teachers

Well qualified, specially trained and highly motivated teaching staff has been deployed to teach the students. Our teachers are specially trained in computers, human resource development and child psychology. Regular training programs are conducted by expert teams to upgrade the knowledge of teachers. Strong team work among teachers is another positive aspect of our teachers.

Picnic and Tours

Our institute arranges picnics, tracks, educational trips for students, keeping in mind their age group and interest. At various times they have visited Science City, Marine park, Junagadh fort, Rann of Kutch, Kandla Port etc. A selected group of students were taken to meet our astronaut Sunita Williams, during her visit to India.

Credit Society & Consumer Store

We have started a staff credit society & consumers store in the campus. It provides books, stationary etc., to the students at a cheaper rate than the market, if the students wish to avail it. In case of need staff can also avail credit facility from the society.

Social Welfare Activities

This institute intends to promote an appreciation of different subjects, imbibe healthy habits, and inculcate self-discipline and above all to join the society to generate goods habits. So together with quality education students are also encouraged to take part in developmental activities to generate integrity, dedication, honesty & accountability to nation. An awareness of our society and our responsibility towards it is developed through the system of Eco club, Scout Guide and other social activities like blood donation camp, AIDS awareness programs, etc.

Karate Training

Karate training is compulsory for every school student of our campus from class I onwards, for enhancing their physical fitness and self defense skills. This training is given by well qualified and specially trained experts.


This institute motivates the students in all the sports activities like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, skating, table tennis, kabbadi, kho-kho etc. We have specially trained coaches for each sports activity and spacious play grounds and courts with all sports equipments.


Well maintained and fully established library is available within the campus of this institute to upgrade the knowledge of students and our staff. All the latest magazines and reference books are maintained in this library with the help of our well trained librarians.


We are maintaining a modernized kitchen within our campus with well trained staff to provide hygienic and nutritious food to all the students. We are maintaining this facility on a "Nonprofit-No-Loss basis" to facilitate the students.


In our campus well trained security personnel are deployed to safe guard the premises and personnel. These personnel are also given periodic training. For better security results, all the students and faculty members have been issued identity cards for proper identification. All visitors are also issued visitor cards.

Purified Drinking Water

To provide hygienic and purified drinking water to all the students in our campus, we have installed RO plant / water purifiers as well as water cooler in each building of this institute.

Swimming Pool

In order to provide exposure to swimming to all our students, a well maintained swimming pool has been established in our campus.

Medical Checkups

In our campus regular and free medical checkup camps are being conducted by the visiting medical specialists. We are maintaining a 'Medical Room' in our campus. A qualified doctor remains present, so that first aid can be given to the students whenever needed. We also have a well maintained first aid kit in each section. Periodic lectures to increase health awareness among students & parents are also organized.

Extra Curricular Activities

In the quest for developing all rounded personality, the institute also encourages the students to participate in a variety of activities, so that each one can find his or her métier. The institute arranges regular competitions in our campus like drawing, quiz, singing, story-telling, debate, essay writing, rangoli etc.

Celebration of all the festivals

We celebrate all the main festivals of our country such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Sports Day, Children's Day, Teachers' Day, Navratri, Dushera, Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Christmas, etc. in an appropriate manner.

Sardar Patel Museum

To Increase awareness about Sardar Patel and motivate people to inculcate his values, a museum is established in the campus.

Counseling Facility

Students from all sections are carefully observed by teachers and principal and referred to counselor if needed. Parents are also counseled whenever required. This facility is one of its kinds among all schools of Bhavnagar.

Music & Dance Training

In each school/college of the institute music and dance teachers are engaged to train the students. We are conducting various competitions of dance and music to encourage the students. Our students also participate in competitions held outside the campus and have brought many a laurel for the various schools/ colleges.

Hostel Facility

We have a well established and well furnished hostel facility within our campus. This facility is provided to girls as well as boys. Hostels have their own reading room, canteen and meeting room. Secure and homely environment is assured to all students.


We have a well furnished and fully modernized auditorium with audio & video facility in our campus for conducting various seminars and other education related activities and awareness programs. It is an air conditioned hall within build projector and sound system.

Fun Park

We have set up a well equipped and fully modernized colorful fun park for our tiny tots; We have two such parks for our nursery school children.

Art & Craft Training

In each and every school/college art and craft teacher are deployed to develop creativity in all the students. We are also conducting various competitions of art & craft to encourage the students. We are maintaining one separate art & craft section in all the schools/colleges with the help of well trained teachers. With this activity other related activities like candle making, card making, ceramic work, glass painting, clay works etc. are also being taught to the students. We also promote students to participate in state & national art & craft competitions.

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Yoga is one of the regular activities of our campus. Trained yoga teachers are employed for this purpose. Our students not only develop a good physique but also feel stress free in their studies. Due to yoga activities our students remain fresh and relaxed even after school hours.

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